Black Performance Theory

BPT 2009

The participants of the 2009 Afrosonics: Grammars Of Black Sound

Afrosonics: Grammars Of Black Sound

BPT met at Yale University May 8-10, 2013. Sponsored by the Department of African American Studies and SLIPPAGE, the group met at the Afro-American Cultural Center.

The event focused on the politics of black sound, and while we recognized that our family of black performance studies scholars stretches far beyond research that focuses specifically on music, our hope is that this gathering might encourage each of us to further examine the ways that our diverse interests and research projects engage with diasporic sonic cultures. What are the ways that theater, dance, and visual culture sustain an electric dialogue with black popular music culture and vice-versa?


  • Jafari Sinclaire Allen
  • Marlon M. Bailey
  • Stephanie Batiste
  • Annemarie Bean
  • Melissa Blanco
  • Sheriden Booker
  • Rashida Braggs
  • Daphne Brooks
  • Mark Broomfield
  • Jayna Brown
  • La Marr Jurelle Bruce
  • Soyica Diggs Colbert
  • Thomas F. DeFrantz
  • Nadine George Graves
  • Lyndon K. Gill
  • Eric Miles Glover
  • Anita Gonzalez
  • Tsitsi Jaji
  • E. Patrick Johnson
  • Christina Knight
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Xavier Livermon
  • Aida Mbowa
  • Paige McGinley
  • Jeffrey Q. McCune Jr.
  • Uri McMillan
  • Koritha Mitchell
  • Madison Moore
  • Tavia Nyong’o
  • Carl Paris
  • Imani Perry
  • Omi Osun Olomo/Joni L. Jones
  • Venus Opal Reese
  • Francesca T. Royster
  • Frank Leon Roberts
  • C. Riley Snorton
  • Salamishah Tillet
  • Isaiah M. Wooden
  • Hershini Bhana Young
  • Harvey Young

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