Afro-Feminist Performance Routes

A Dialogue in Movement

A gathering to catalyze a dialogue around experimentation and global black presence in diasporic women’s creative work, exploring how African diaspora dance arts mobilize feminisms, memory, and decolonizing pedagogies.

A group of dancers a part of the Afro-Feminist Performance Routes project

About A Dialogue in Movement

First edition: Duke University, April 2016.

Artists in Residency: Léna Blou, Yanique Hume, Rujeko Dumbutshena, Jessi Knight.

Co-Convened By: Dasha A. Chapman, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Mario LaMothe, Ava Lavonne Vinessett

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About the Afro-Feminist Performance Routes Project

Contours of Diaspora

How do you conceive of diaspora, and what does “Africa” mean to you? How do you engage its contours?

Embodied Philosophies

How do you imagine an embodied philosophy that feeds your practice? In what ways do you cultivate collective possibilities and the presence of the individual in your work?


How do you think of “feminist performance?” Is there an “essential feminine” energy that is important to your creative practice?