The Southern Oracle


An AfroFuturist Invention at the North Carolina Museum of Art

In this AfroFuturist invention, SLIPPAGE artists take on an otherworldly affect dancing toward the startling Heather Hart interactive sculpture Southern Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off.

Moving in fits and heaves, barely moving and then rushing forward in dance, the Afro-explorers fulfill their mission: having explored the Earth, they reassemble to lift off to the outer-regions of an Afro-centric planetary garden.

Watch the Performance

Slippage performers at the North Carolina Museum of Art act out "The Southern Oracle" while standing on an artificial roof.

Performance Dates

Sunday September 22, 2019
North Carolina Museum of Art

Featured Performers

Thomas F. DeFrantz | Ayan Felix | Julier Irving | Quran Karriem | Courtney Liu | Brittany Williams | Ziaoyun Xu

Watch the Trailer

Performed at the Heather Hart Sculpture, The Southern Oracle in September 2019

Watch the Performance