Soundz at the Back of My Head

Thomas F. DeFrantz performs Soundz at the Back of My Head

SLIPPAGE Presents 

A dialogic manifesto: Soundz at the Back of My Head

Soundz at the Back of my Head is the third and final installment of the talkingdance series begun with …i am black [you have to be willing to not know] and continued with white privilege.

This dialogic manifesto talking-dancing-technology work engages its audience with the contradictory impulses that run through the creative imagination of an artist working within experimental performance and the afterlives of slavery. Like the first two installments, this new original hour-long creation will rely on text and live-processing interfaces that will translate the performer’s gestures and words into media as sound, image, light. With Quran Karriem and Rebecca Uliasz.

Watch the Performance

Use the password “soundz-defrantz” to watch.