PROCESS: Re-Orientations

A performer with a black hood, leans against a wall in a squat with their hands in the air while a projected image is displayed on the wall behind them.



SLIPPAGE has begun a multi-year project exploring queer phenomenology and the choices queers make to live our lives amid incessant technologies.

Watch Their 2022 Performance

Performed May 6, 2022

Watch Re-Orientations

Slippage, in collaboration with MX Oops, K. Alexandrite, and ayan felix

Watch a Performance Clip

Excerpt From Occulus Set


VDMX Footage

From the Collaborators

We re-orient because we must.

Turning our attention this way or that, we inevitably leave something behind, willy-nilly. Moving towards our destiny means leaving something back. This mixed-media|live-processing performance combines soundscaping, VR explorations, dance performance, projection mapping and storytelling to craft an immersive experience of Black thought and Black wonderment.

The quartet of artists each contribute from electronic workstations into a central area of discovery, as an audience witnesses from a three-sided periphery. How do four artists contribute to a shared making of sound, light, projection, text, dance? How will they bring their expertise near each other in an unusual assembly of technologically-enhanced revelations? The work emerges from an archive of possibilities assembled in the wild contours of the imagination set free to dream…

Another Clip from Re-Orientations

Project Collaborators

K. Alexandrite

K. Alexandrite is a doctoral candidate in Computational Media, Arts and Cultures at Duke University. Alexandrite’s research is focused on practices of material transformations performed to cultivate sacred & shared social memories. Their practice takes form in collaboration, installation, collective organizing, video and collage. 

Ayan Felix

Ayan Felix (they/them) is a Gulf-Coast-bred movement artist, emotional laborer, and auntie-in-training residing in NC, USA. They research how Black American cultures develop understandings of gender through dance and family. Ayan performs collaboratively with improvisational styles based in modern/post-modern dance, physical theater, house, and majorette training. Although much of their time as a dancer is spent in staged works, their most urgent work is site-responsive using dreaming as a source of performance and change. They were among the first to earn an MFA in Dance through Duke Dance Program. Their goal in 2023 is to grow their own lettuce and evening-length show/happening.

MX Cooper / MX Oops

MX Cooper aka MX Oops is a multimedia performance artist and educator whose work centers hybridity, encouraging ecstatic disobedience as a path toward embodied wellness. Creative Director of Complex Stability, their work is NYC-based, while centering the party as a queer site of transnational Afro-diasporic imagining. MX works in a range of mediums including: dance, video design, costume, rap, and guided meditation. They are an assistant professor in the Department of Music, Multimedia, Theatre, and Dance at Lehman College, CUNY.