Performance & Technology Course

Academic coursework in Performance and Technology are at the center of SLIPPAGE’s teaching initiative. The coursework brings together engineering students from Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering with humanities and arts students from Duke’s Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. The popular course includes demonstrations and performance showings in the lab space, as well as public presentations as part of Choreolab, produced by the Duke Dance Program.



This course, taught at DUKE from 2011-2021, and at Northwestern beginning in 2022, offers a workshop exploration of technologies embedded in performance: robots, media, computer interface. Students create performance projects and discuss theoretical and historical implications of technologies in performance. Hands-on making and engineering workshops to develop basic skills in technological crafts such as circuit design and fabrication toward technologically enhanced performance. No previous experience or programming skills required. Each iteration of the course includes a public demonstration of small robot projects, as well as a theatrical performance on stage related to some of the materials from the course.

Enjoy these videos of past performances from over the years.

Performance and Technology Course student dancing
Performance and Technology Course, taught by Thomas DeFrantz
Performance and Technology Course students dancing

Class of 2023

Northwestern University – 2023

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Class of 2022

Class of 2021

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