Dance Festivals

SLIPPAGE supports workshops and artist residencies that draw on its research activities. SLIPPAGE artists also teach through the deployment of archival materials and our interface designs to inspire student artists and researchers towards imaginative vistas for intersections of performance and technology.

Below are select Dance Festival partnerships with Slippage.

Slippage has participated in:

Lion's Jaw Festival logo

Lion’s Jaw (2020)

Lion’s Jaw and MIT Performing present Queer Futures, a series of three discussions centered on re-orientations for performance facilitated by Thomas F. DeFrantz. The Lion’s Jaw dance festival grew out of a continued investigation into how to create environments where risk, rigor, and rebellion can happen and where the community can come together and make dance-work together. Using this virtual moment to expand its reach beyond the local Cambridge and MIT communities, the festival will share conversations with a global audience around queer arrivals and pursuits through and after the pandemic.

Watch Inside Lion’s Jaw Festval (2020)

Urban Moves poster

Urban Moves (2019)

Seminar: Hip Hop The black beat made visible

 Presented by Keynote Speaker Thomas F. DeFrantz
Held 21 June, 2019, @Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway, 12:00-15:00 

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Queering the Somatic festival and symposium

Queering the Somatic: Interrupting the Narrative Symposium (2019)

Queering the Somatic: Interrupting the Narrative offers opportunities to explore, challenge and celebrate the act of dispelling binaries: mind-body, male-female, subject-object.

Dance can be seen as a critical way of being in the world. For us dance emphasises the felt over the ‘named’, dispelling binaries and challenging Western constructs of the passive body. Queer theory is a field of critical thinking emerging in the early 1990’s drawing on feminism and queer studies to challenge social constructs and identities. Moving beyond the social constructs of the body both dance and queer theory offer a fluidity for narrating the lived experience; narrations that interrupt dominant stories of identity and how we move through the world.

The symposium looks at ways that we might re-imagine, re-educate, re-think, reveal and allow us to re-create a world without the limits of binaries that reflect the somatic experience of Being in the world.

Held November 1-2, 2019 at Middlesex University, London, UK

  • Keynote Presentation, Friday, Nov 1, 1.00-2.00pm – Dr Thomas F. DeFrantz, Duke University USA – Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
  • Closing Reflections, Saturday, Nov 2, 4.30-5.00pm – Dr Thomas F. DeFrantz – Grove Dance Theatre (G190)


A screenshot of the MELT workshop held by Thomas DeFrantz.

MELT Workshop: Moving Words Worlding Dancing (2019)

We make worlds with our moving, and words define our dances – like it or not. 

But whose words and whose dances? What is an appropriation in the context of gesture? Can I dance in someone else’s story? Does someone own my dances? How do I own my gestures?

This MELT is a thinking-doing-reading|writing exploration of making-dancing, cultural appropriation, writing about dancing, and being alongside. Come to challenge and be challenged. 

Held January 7-11, 2019, hosted by Movement Research.

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Corpus Africana Poster

Corpus Africana (2018)

Le Centre Chorégraphique James Carlès et le consortium EuroPhilosophie présentent: Corpus Africana: Danser et Penser l’Afrique et ses Diasporas

  • Conférence: Thomas DeFrantz (Duke University), “What is black dance? What can it do?” (modéré par Pierre Bühlmann)
    Held November 7, 2018, Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès, Toulouse, France.
  • Watch Thomas DeFrantz’s talk
  • View the Program
Evolution Solo Flyer

EvolutionSolo (2018)

Evolution Solo Weekend, held September 13-16, 2018, is an annual festival of African-American dance held in the St. Petersburg dance studio “Casa Latina,” organized by Alina Sokulska and Fedor Nedotko.


ImPulStanz Flyer

ImPulsTanz (2018)

Project: afroFUTUREqu##r, by Thomas F. DeFrantz.

How do we dance for the future? In fits and starts, in video bits and interfaces? Where does our shared history matter as we imagine forward? This is a research workshop dancing toward a techno-afro-future. Open to all who wonder at afrofuturism and performance making. 

In this research workshop, Thomas F. DeFrantz explored the future/body as a technology for making work that values ancestral memory and Black lives. How are we all implicated in the qu##r media spaces of digital dancing?

Lion's Jaw Festival 2018 (cropped)

Lion’s Jaw (2018)

The Lion’s Jaw dance festival grew out of a continued investigation into how to create environments where risk, rigor, and rebellion can happen and where the community can come together and make dance-work together.

At the 2018 festival, Thomas F. DeFrantz held several class labs focused on rhythm, theory, and social movements.

Dissolve Music Festival poster 2018

MIT Dissolve Music (2018)

Dissolve Music @ MIT: Spatial Sound Festival was held March 7-9, 2018, and offered a series of workshops, performances, and discussions. The event aimed to dissolve boundaries between performers & audience, between music & sound art, and between academic disciplines. Attendees could explore alternative approaches to listening, dialogue and mix. This “spatial sound festival” was a collaboration between the MIT Spatial Sound Lab and Non-Event, which is a Boston-based concert series for experimental, abstract, improvised and new music.