Journal Articles

We support advanced research in experimental performance by its collaborators, often resulting in print and digital publication. These publications grew from research conducted in conjunction with SLIPPAGE-supported events.

Slippage has contributed to:

April 2021, issue 5:1 of liquid blackness journal

liquid blackness journal

Dancing the Watery Folds, April 2021

Black Dance journal

Black Dance: A Contemporary Voice

New Dialogues: The Intersection of Dance and Technology, 2019


SDHS logo

Society of Dance History Scholars 

Talking Black Dance, 2016

The Journal of Pan African Studies, vol 4 no 6

The Journal of Pan African Studies

Theorizing Connectivities: African American Women in Concert Dance, September 2011

African American Dance

Philosophy, Aesthetics, and ‘Beauty’, 2005

Refractory: A Journal of Entertainment Media

Believe the Hype: Hype Williams and Afrofuturist Filmmaking, 2003

Dance Research Journal

Blacking Queer Dance, Winter 2002